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Microhormigon- Base-foto-descripcion

High performance single component hydraulic micromortar made with special cement and sand with varying granulometry as well as other additives that, in combination with the above, provide it with great physio-chemical and aesthetic properties.

It is used for making highly decorative continuous coatings with cement-mineral appearance; in floors and walls.

It is used as a regularisation coat before the application of Finish Microconcrete or Super-thin Finish Microconcrete, although it can be used alone by smoothing it, without these other finer finish products.


Packaging: 15 Kg.

pH:12,5 ±0.5    

MIX (mixing powder + water): 15kg of Base Microconcrete are prepared with 5.1-5.2 l of water.

Application tools: Stainless steel trowels and spatulas.

Cleaning of tools: water.

Colours: are obtained by mixing the Dyes/Toners.